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Art Basel Profile I: Artist Anne Neukamp

Art Basel Profile I: Artist Anne Neukamp

Anne Neukamp’s work Passerelle on view at Art Basel 2016 (Represented by Galleria Gregor Podnar) wonderfully combined abstract geometric shapes with objects of everyday décor and consumer products – which often become disappearing fragments beneath layers of oil, acrylic, and tempera. Pulling from typography, advertising pictograms, cartoons and even heraldic details, Neukamp’s work removes the functional and efficient elements of the objects to create incredibly strong, graphic compositions which “stimulate diverse interpretations…and appear to flirt with expectations of the market.”

Neukamp’s large-scale works not only put her on many visitor’s must-see list, but her bold use of bright color, next to hard black and white shapes grabbed the attention of anyone walking by.

The artist was born in 1976 in Düsseldorf, Germany. She lives and works in Berlin.

Anne Neukamp – Untitled 2, 2013