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Art Basel Profile III: Artist Kelley Walker

Art Basel Profile III: Artist Kelley Walker

Two mixed media works by American artist Kelley Walker were much talked about at Art Basel for his technical application and ability to blur the line between painting and sculpture. Little Richard Soundboard is in-line with his signature multi layered digital ink and silkscreen works appropriating iconic cultural images or figures. Shown by the Paula Cooper Gallery, this piece displays an impressive use of serigraphy by incorporating an actual four-color, CMYK process for printing the found images in a slightly-off registration.

Kelly Walker – Little Richard Sound Board

Even more intriguing (but difficult to photograph) was Walker’s Domus June, shown by ULAE. Part of Walker’s ongoing Domus series which uses pages from the Italian Architecture magazine of the same name, this piece is actually listed as sculpture. The three-dimensional lithograph with embossing wraps the sides of its frame and stands at 96 × 5 × 1 1/2 inches. Since 2005, Kelly has been working with bricks, first entirely in silkscreen and later adding collaged printed material. Here, he has again scanned individual bricks and placed them on a composition of fragmented pages creating an illusion between foreground and background to highlight underlying issues of American politics and consumerism.

Kelly Walker – Domus June