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Our Pick on eBay

Our Pick on eBay

eBay is powerful marketplace to buy Art Online. Over recent years, it has become a favorite place for many art lovers to buy prints and multiples. The biggest challenge for casual art collectors, interior designers and art advisors is to find the right piece without spending vast amounts of time searching. The volume of the marketplace on eBay is so vast and widespread that it has become almost impossible to select a suitable work of art easily, in reasonable time and in confidently, knowing the work is genuine, and is at the right value for your budget and choice.

ArtAndOnly understand the appeal of the eBay model and our goal is to help you buy art. Whether it’s from our own site or from eBay, we want to advise you to help you make the best choice.

Below are works that we would enjoy collecting and are currently available online across eBay. We’ll update this selection regularly, so do bookmark this article on your browser and to visit frequently for updates and the best deals. Our expert team will be updating the selection on a daily basis. 


Keith Haring
Keith Haring “Retrospect” Rare Original Silkscreen
Sean Scully
Sean Scully: Tetuan,1991, Signed limited edition
Andy Warhol Watermelon
Andy Warhol Watermelon
Robert Motherwell: St. Mark's (E.#273), 1980, Signed, Limited Edition Print
Robert Motherwell: St. Mark’s, 1980, Signed, Limited Edition Print
Imi Knoebel
Imi Knoebel: Untitled (Diptych), 1997. Signed, Limited Edition Print
Sol Lewitt: Red, Yellow, Blue & Black Irregular Squares Superimposed, 1994


damien hirst
Damien Hirst signed 25 four inch spot