David LaChapelle

United States of America, 1963

Like no other artists, American photographer David LaChapelle is recognised for his artistic talent in photography by both the Fashion and Art worlds. Simultaneously exhibited in galleries and involved in the Fashion industry since the 1980’s, he created his very personal aesthetic that is instantly distinctive and inspired by street culture and Pop-Art. It showcases themes of transgender, S&M, Hollywood celebrities - all in bright and colourful fantasy worlds. Each photograph is a thorough concept: from setting to wardrobe, lighting, composition, colours, theme, mood; every detail counts and is under careful control of the artist. Over the years, David LaChapelle created iconic surrealistic images of his friends and idols involved in erotic and luxurious scenarios. Lately, he has manipulated with his photographs by deconstructing their elements and putting them together into a collage.

Born in 1963, David LaChapelle has an extensive oeuvre, having held solo and group shows at museum and galleries such as at 303 Gallery in New York, 1984, at the Palladium in New York, 1986, at Grand Central Station in New York, 1988, 1999, “Kunsthaus Wien” in Vienna, 2002, at Capodimonte Museum in Italy, 2006, Frieze in London, 2007, at MUBE Museum in Sau Paolo, 2008, his "Retrospective" show at La Monnaie De Paris in Paris, 2009, at LACMA in Los Angeles, 2009, and at Sotheby’s Gallery in New York, 2010.

Image: By Sasha Kargaltsev, NYC