Mohammad Ali Talpur

Pakistan, 1976

Singularly considered as the only minimalist artist in Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Talpur is known for his meditative images composed of innumerable hand-drawn lines. Sometimes undulating across the picture plane, sometimes straight, yet always self-evident of the process of its becoming, the sea of lines is painstakingly drawn, slowly accumulating to form a uniquely gradated visual field. Striving to create “art without content,” Talpur’s drawings invite their viewer to indulge in the visual pleasure of the line as an irreducible entity in the language of art, and the existence of each line as a record of distance and the time that has gone into its making.

Born in 1976 in Hyderabad, Pakistan, Talpur received his Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from the National College of Arts, Lahore, where he now holds a professorship. Over the span of his artistic career, Talpur was awarded the M.D. Taseer Scholarship, the Khoj International Public Art Residency in Delhi, and the Vasl Artist’s Residency and exhibition. Talpur has exhibited extensively as a representative of the Pakistani contemporary art scene, most notably at Gallery:space, London; Devi Art Foundation, Gurgaon; Mohatta Palace Museum, Karachi; Punjab Artist's Association, Alhamra Arts Council, Lahore; Art & Public gallery, Geneva; XVA gallery, Dubai; Finsbury Park, London; Shanghai Art Fair, 2007; Dubai Art Fair, 2008; and Hong Kong Art Fair, 2008. The artist lives and works in Lahore.

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