Tony Cragg

United Kingdom, 1949

British sculptor Tony Cragg is one of the most acclaimed artists of his generation. He has employed more materials than most and tested them to their limit through a variety of means. Cragg’s sculptures can be categorized by the different materials they are made from : stone, clay, bronze, glass different synthetic materials like polysterene, carbon or  glass-fibre. Even in their abstract forms, they evoke feelings, ideas, and fantasies and connect to something the viewer believes he has seen and experienced before. Tony Cragg points out that the words materia and material originate from the Latin word mater meaning mother. “Like a mother, the material gives birth to the thought, the different properties of a material gives rise to the idea, which produces the form.”

Born in Liverpool in 1949, Cragg has spent nearly half his life in Germany with his home and studio in Wuppertal since 1977. He attended the Gloucestershire college of art and design, Cheltenham college and the Royal college of art, London. His works have been exhibited in Tate Gallery, Liverpool, Somerset House, London, Louvre, Paris, National Museum of Contemporary Art Korea, Seoul, Henry Moore Foundation, Halifax and Cass Sculpture Foundation, England.

Image: Photo by David Kaluza