Xavier Cardinaux

Switzerland, 1956

7 works available

Plastic artist, painter and graphic designer from Geneva, Switzerland, Xavier Cardinaux, born in 1956, has forged a language halfway between figuration and abstraction. His conception of creation, interests and influences are of classic essence. The artist subjects are essentially built around two ideas: he is inspired by nature to express his very own nature and uses chaos to obtain a harmonious and lively moment. For Xavier Cardinaux, "harmony is a privileged moment of chaos."

Drawing inspiration from nature and the four elements, he creates almost organic ties between strange flowering and silhouettes of trees and woods, chaotic primitive forests and lush gardens, heavenly or underwater landscapes.The artist adopts classic techniques, such as oil on canvas, inks, lead pencil or acrylic, while using video and graphic designs in 2 & 3 D in the conceptual part of his expression which translates into installations based on computer animations. Xavier Cardinaux maintains an enigmatic relationship between experimentation in the field of contemporary art and the exploration of the plastic metaphor that plunges us into the sensibility of either the living or virtual world. While practicing drawing and the plastic arts, he obtained a master's degree in law and focused on Management. Following numerous trips and a long stay in Italy, he decided at the age of 30 years, to devote himself exclusively to painting. His atypical path makes him a singular artist who unfolds his creativity with great freedom. His critical sense, eclecticism, rigour and generosity make him a sensitive and original artist.



Smog, 2010

Price: $ 2,500

Le jardin de ma voisine

Le jardin de ma voisine, 2016

Price: $ 4,200


Nature, 2009

Price: $ 2,800

Petite Nature

Petite Nature, 2006

Price: $ 20,000


Jardin, 2016

Price: $ 2,200

Pluie de Fleurs Célestes

Pluie de Fleurs Célestes, 2011

Price: $ 20,000

Pluie de Fleurs Célestes

Pluie de Fleurs Célestes, 2009

Price: $ 12,000