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Catherine Seiler Interview

Catherine Seiler Interview

French author and journalist Catherine Seiler talks to ArtAndOnly about her book Lempereur, a look at the innovative and modern interior designers Hélène and Olivier Lempereur.

Catherine, tell us about the book

The book is a sort of UFO in the Home Interiors world! It presents an alternative vision of decoration and design. Much more than a monograph, it is intended to relate a true human experience in which intense emotion is always reflected. The book is an overview of 20 years of shared strength and partnership.

Hélène and Olivier chose to communicate their emotions through the pages, to make their readers discover their passions which are daily source of inspiration. They present a selection of exclusive private and public projects with a very modern vision. This is not a technical book, we are in the field of sensations, it is a sort of journey in the heart of their life, in their intimacy.

Hélène et Olivier Lempereur
Hélène et Olivier Lempereur

Is this book a departure for you?

Yes it is my first book about design. I’m a French journalist, usually writing about food, hospitality, tourism and sometimes lifestyle. Hélène and Olivier wanted a new look and reporting on their work and their projects. They did not know how to express it but they wanted a book quite different from those that we usually find about decoration. They wanted to put forward their common passions, their taste for gastronomy, wine, art, for beautiful things.

How was it working with Hélène and Olivier?

It was a great pleasure to work with Hélène and Olivier for the book. I first spent a lot of time with them, with their family, at home. I had to understand the way they work, to enter their universe, to discover their philosophy. We became good friends during the course of the project. We have the same vision of the world and share the same sensibility in art. We are totally complementary, they are artists, creative, I’m a writer, a journalist, I’m more pragmatic. They trusted me from the beginning, it was a very pleasant adventure.

What inspires you about their work?

I like their unusual approach to work, their way of understanding space, colours, materials, people. Their work is open on the world, this is their main quality and a very important one for me. Each project is a new challenge, a new story to be written, no architectural project is obvious and I like the way they think – they question everything.

Their signature is unique and their identity is profoundly contemporary.  Their family history, the special alchemy between professional projects and family that they have built over the years fascinate me. The bespoke experience they offer to their clients is really interesting.

What are you doing now?

I’m of course still writing for many magazines in France and Belgium. I’m preparing a book for a famous pastry chief in France. As you can imagine, it will not be a classic cookbook! It’s a very nice and moving story with his favourites foods and recipes. There are lots of other projects in progress.



  • 424 pages
  • Publisher : Marot
  • Date of publication : Juillet 2016
  • Language : French and English
  • Format: 278 x 348 mm
  • ISBN : 9782875500236


Cover image copyright: Nathalie Gabay