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The refreshing talent of Li Wei now available

The refreshing talent of Li Wei now available

Li Wei’s comical, absurdist images of people in various gravity-defying situations depict a hubristic role-playing of both surrealist and superhero tropes. While the contemporary art world is no stranger to fantastically staged photography, Li’s work is exceptional for its remarkable realism.

Li Wei – “Li Wei falls to HK”, 2006 | C-print | Edition 3 of 5 | 176 x 541 cm

ArtAndOnly exclusively offers the large C-print, Li Wei falls to HK. Often orchestrated using stage-production equipment such as metal wires, harnesses and scaffolding, Li’s work seems endlessly ingenious, amusing and self-deprecating.

We are proud to bring this work to the market and encourage you to visit his artist’s page to find more about one of the most refreshing talents of the Chinese art scene.