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Updated! Best Online Resources for Art Collectors

Updated! Best Online Resources for Art Collectors

As the list of digital art platforms grows in response to the dramatic shift towards increased online sales, it’s important to know where today’s contemporary collectors can. ArtAndOnly takes pride in providing in-person, custom advice on everything from discovering new artists to understanding the latest trends in the contemporary market, but it’s always good for collectors to stay abreast of what’s happening across the board. Here’s ArtAndOnly’s updated 2016 list of the top 6 best online resources for art collectors

6. Hyperallergichttp://hyperallergic.com/

Calling themselves “A forum for serious, playful and radical thinking about art in the world today” Hyperallergic takes a decidedly modern digital media approach. With a magazine style layout, and an independent collective of leading writers and journalists, it proves to be a valuable and refreshing destination for collectors of all kinds.

5. ArtWorld Forumhttp://www.artworldforum.com/

Art World Forum is an emerging global platform and leading web publisher providing up-to-date art market insight via original editorial articles and intellectual contributions by reputable art professionals. Through its high quality, high value international conferences, Art World Forum provides unique informational, marketing and networking opportunities to a vast number of art investors, collectors, dealers, insurers, academics, practitioners and overall art enthusiasts.

4. Artforumhttp://artforum.com/

The online edition of Artforum International Magazine, contains a breadth of information for collectors of all types. From major gallery openings to museum preview events and recent auction sale reports, ArtFroum covers the highs (and lows) of what’s happening in the art world with journalistic and editorial content.

3. ARTInfo – http://www.blouinartinfo.com/

ARTINFO is another great global source for up-to-the-minute news, information, and expert commentary on art, artists, and the business and pleasure of making, buying, and understanding art. You’ll find daily news and developments from galleries, auction houses, and museums – covering everything from the visual arts, to architecture & design, to film, the performing arts and even travel “with wit, style, verve, and authority.” ARTINFO has also launched 15 international editions which contains local and cultural stories in the native language.

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2. Larry’s Listhttps://www.larryslist.com/
Larry’s List is a leading art market knowledge company providing data, research and access to contemporary art collectors. The Larry’s List Art Collector Database contains over 3,500 profiles of art collectors from more than 70 countries – based on comprehensive research done on art collectors. The database provides information on private collections including artists and artworks collected, collectors’ ranking positions, and their activities on the art market. It is a practical tool for both professionals and art enthusiasts presenting a detailed and comprehensive portrait of today’s contemporary art world.

1. ArtAndOnlyhttps://www.artandonly.com/

ArtAndOnly is a powerful and innovative platform specializing in contemporary art across many disciplines including; painting, sculpture, drawing, video, printmaking, photography and mixed media. By connecting collectors, artists and a network of professional dealers, ArtAndOnly expands the passion and expertise of an exclusive art gallery into the global online art market. With a focus on quality and a carefully curated selection of unique work by both established and emerging talent, ArtAndOnly is a collector’s most comprehensive and trusted partner. Plus, the editorial blog “Le Journal” provides invaluable advice and information with a strong and unique point of view. From important trends to market events and updates about artists and their works, ArtAndOnly brings you unparalleled insight from experts, curators, and the art world’s most respected writers.




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