«It is better to know some of the questions
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We’ve collected the most commonly asked questions about ArtAndOnly.
Please feel free to contact us for more answers.



+What is ArtAndOnly?

ArtAndOnly is a powerful and innovative sales platform for collectors, specializing in contemporary art. With a focus on quality and a carefully curated selection of unique work by both established and emerging talent, ArtAndOnly is a collector’s most comprehensive and trusted partner.

+What makes ArtAndOnly special?

We make buying and selling art a full-service experience, with total transparency and simple as a single click. We offer you a selection of special services to assure you a fully personalized and professional collecting experience.


+How do I find a specific work for sale?

Start browsing in the WORKS section on the homepage. We have customized filter options to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

+If I still can’t find what I am looking for, can I talk directly to an expert?

We would be happy to assist you. Simply contact one of our experts (for free!) at +41 22 900 12 57
(Mo-Fr 09:30AM – 06:00PM (CET)) or send us an email at [email protected]

+What are the “Featured Works”?

This is one of our favorites. It’s a frequently-updated section where our experts showcase special recommendations for collectors.

+How can I discover new artists and new work on ArtAndOnly?

We have several ways to keep you up-to-date and on top of the newest work:

1. Subscribe to our monthly NEWSLETTER and we’ll give you the scoop on new and featured works, plus interesting articles about our artists, exclusive information, and much more.

2. Click on WORKS and discover the newest art by sorting the collection by “most recent”.

3. Create or log-in to your personal account and start following your favorite artists by clicking on “FOLLOW THIS ARTIST”. You’ll receive personal notifications when new pieces by your selected artists have been submitted for sale.

4. Contact us directly at +41 22 900 12 57 (Mo-Fr 09:30AM – 06:00PM (CET)) if you’d like personal assistance finding a certain work or if you are interested in an artist that is not yet part of our collection.
You can also send us a quick email at [email protected]

+What happens when I “Follow this artist”?

“Follow this artist” is a great way to be informed about recently added work for sale by your favorite artists.

Create your personal account or log-in to start following artists and receive personal notifications about them via email. If you follow more than one artist, you will receive only one consolidated email of all your alerts once a week.

You can manage your list of artists and un-follow them at any time using your personal account.

+What is a “Wish-list”?

The ArtAndOnly wish-list is a useful tool to curate and keep track of your own collection of favorites.

You can save any work that you’re interested in by clicking the WISH-LIST heart icon under each displayed work.

Manage your wish-list at the top right of your page.

+What does each of the conditions exactly mean?

Excellent condition with no damage or trace of any restoration.

Small and mostly hidden defects (the direct, clear view on the work is not disturbed by any damages, defects or missing pieces).

Small defects may be visible.

+Why should I create a Personal Account?

So you can immediately be a part of the ArtAndOnly network and start buying and selling art today! Plus, having a personal account allows you access to our special feature “Follow this Artist”.

+How do I create a Personal Account?

At the top right of our homepage, you’ll find the LOG IN button – choose REGISTER, and begin creating your new personal profile and collection. Welcome to ArtAndOnly!

+How do I change my personal Details like address, password etc. ?

At the top right of our homepage, you’ll find the MY ACCOUNT button, under where you control all of your settings and personal details.

+What is “Make An Offer”?

The “Make An Offer” feature allows interested buyers to make an offer on a specific work.

The new terms may be simply accepted, rejected with a counter offer, or declined. Once you’re logged in, simply click the “MAKE AN OFFER” button next to the work, type in the amount in the currency you are willing to pay and click ”SEND”.

Remember, to “Make an Offer” is a binding action of purchase. If the offer is accepted, you will receive an invoice shortly after.

+Can I make a second offer or change my current offer?

You can only make a second offer after your first one has been declined. The same applies when you decline a counter offer. While a current offer is still pending, there is no way to change it.

+Does submitting an offer mean the work is reserved for me?

No. Until your offer has been accepted, other buyers can purchase the work at any time.

+How do I see counter offers or declined offers I’ve made?

If you received a counter offer, ArtAndOnly will notify you directly via email. You can choose to accept or decline the offer instantly via email reply as instructed.

+What happens when I “Schedule a Viewing” ?

ArtAndOnly offers collectors an exclusive service to privately view works in one of our secured warehouses around the world. Once you've logged-in and you’ve submitted your desired location to view the work, our team will contact you to schedule a viewing at your convenience. If you prefer to have the work shipped to a warehouse nearby, shipping costs and fees will be prepared and sent to you with an estimate prior to the viewing.

+How much in advance do I need to schedule a viewing?

It will be different for each piece and depends on the work’s location. If desired, we can also arrange a shipment of the work to an ArtAndOnly warehouse that is closer to you. Please contact us to discuss all of your options.

+Can I buy art at a viewing appointment?

ArtAndOnly can’t accept a payment on the spot, but our representatives can provide a binding purchase invoice, which can be signed immediately.

+Why are there no shipping costs on my work’s invoice?

Shipping and transport are considered a separate ArtAndOnly service, therefore our costs and fees are always excluded from the work’s invoice.

If you have requested our “Full Shipping Service” package or any further services, these will be first sent to you in an estimate shortly after you have confirmed your purchase.

After your approval of the service estimate, the “service invoice” including these requested service fees will be sent to you via email.

+What is the Service Invoice?

The “service invoice” covers all the additional services required by you, such as scheduling and organizing shipment, delivery or framing of your newly purchased work. Our logistics team will always try to find the most cost-effective approach to satisfy your needs.

+Can I request a receipt of purchase?

A receipt will be issued and sent to you automatically if you paid by credit card. If you paid by wire transfer and would like to receive a receipt of purchase, simply inform us about this request and we will sent you your receipt via email.

+Can I change my order?

If you haven’t confirmed your purchase yet, simply take the works out of your shopping cart to change your order.
However, confirming an order and agreeing to our Terms and Conditions is a binding action of purchase. Find more about the ArtAndOnly TERMS & CONDITIONS at the bottom of our page.

+What payment methods do you accept?

ArtAndOnly gladly accepts payment via major international credit cards and wire transfers (TT). Art which might exceed a credit card limit can always be paid via wire transfer.

Please note that we do not accept cash payments.

+What is your payment process?

During the check-out process, you will be offered the opportunity to pay by credit card or wire transfer.
If you choose to pay by credit card, the payment will be immediate and you will receive confirmation of your order by email.

If you’ve selected the option to pay by wire transfer, upon check-out an invoice will be generated and sent to you by email shortly. You will then have 5 business days to complete your order.

+What additional fees can I expect?

In addition to the cost of your work, the following fees can be expected: Transaction fee (credit card payments or wire transfers), shipping, insurance, handling, duties and taxes, if requested framing, installation or storing.

These additional fees will obviously vary depending on your country of residence and where the work comes from. In addition, if you want to see the work in a different viewing location, ArtAndOnly will charge you the cost of organizing this remote viewing.

+Do I pay a commission on the work I buy?

No. ArtAndOnly doesn’t charge buyers any commission fees.

+How do you ensure the security of my banking data?

Our security partner maintains and guarantees the confidentiality of your data. ArtAndOnly does not have access to your bank details at any point in the transactions.

+Do you check the condition of each work?

Yes, all works for sale on ArtAndOnly must pass our thorough internal condition and quality check. The result of this check is displayed under each work and classified as: Excellent, Good or Fair.

+Who creates the condition report?

The condition reports on ArtAndOnly document the results of trusted third-party specialists who take several details into account in order to create an independent report on each work of art.

+Can I have my own expert check the condition of a work?

Yes, of course. We are happy to assist in organizing an appointment with your preferred expert at our warehouse.

+Do you have an authenticity certificate for each work?

Not every artist or estate issues certificates of authenticity.
All work for sale on ArtAndOnly has gone through our due diligence process, and any work with a certificate of authenticity will be indicated accordingly. The certificate of authenticity will pass to the new owner once acquisition is fully completed.

+Can I cancel my order?

You may cancel your order at any time throughout the buying process, until you click “Confirm Order”. In the case of an already fully confirmed order, you are obligated to the full payment of your purchase. Confirming an order and agreeing to our Terms and Conditions is a binding action of purchase.

+What is ArtAndOnly’s return policy?

Please find our return and exchange policy within our Terms & Conditions. For further questions please call +41 22 900 12 57 (Mo-Fr 09:30AM – 06:00PM (CET)) or email us at [email protected]


+How do I sell a work on ArtAndOnly?

We make it easy, and are here to advise you every step of the way. Simply click on “SELL NOW” in the “BUY & SELL” section and be ready to start selling your work in just 5 simple steps:

1. Fill out the online form
2. Receive our free evaluation
3. Confirm your consignment
4. Follow your work and review offers
5. Accept an offer and receive your money transfer

For further explanation of these 5 steps, please review the “BUY & SELL” page and find more information within other FAQ.

+What information do I need to provide when submitting a work?

The more info you provide us, the easier it will be to assess your work and give you a precise estimate. You are under no obligation to consign with ArtAndOnly and our evaluation is free of charge. Our standard submission form will ask you for the following (*mandatory):

• Title of the work*
• Name of the artist*
• Type* (Painting, Drawing, Photography, Sculpture, Print, Work on Paper, Mixed Media)
• Style (Abstract, Figurative, Pop Art, Surrealism, Modern, etc.)
• Dimensions* in cm or inches
• Condition
• Provenance
• Desired Price
• Location of the work*

• 2-3 Images (Max 10MB per file); 1. Frontal view 2. Detail of texture 3. Signature or other Detail 4. Any Damages

If you can’t provide all of the mandatory material, but still want to submit a work, please get in touch with us and we’ll try to make a sale with ArtAndOnly possible: +41 22 900 12 57 (Mo-Fr 09:30AM – 06:00PM (CET)) or email us at [email protected]

+Does a submission mean I have to sell with ArtAndOnly?

No. You may submit your work via our ONLINE FORM, free of charge, without obligation to consign with ArtAndOnly.

+What is the consignment agreement?

The consignment agreement is a legal document defining the general and individually discussed terms and obligations of both the seller and ArtAndOnly.

+Do I need professional, high-resolution photos of my work?

Your initial online submission for our specialist’s evaluation of your work does not require any professional photos. However, if you decide to consign with ArtAndOnly following the evaluation process, the consignment agreement requires you provide professional, high-resolution photos. We are happy to help you find a professional photographer for your work. Please note, this will be at your expense.

+Who creates the condition report?

The condition reports on ArtAndOnly document the results of our trusted third-party specialists who take several details into account in order to create an independent report on each work of art.

+Where does the work stay while it’s up for sale?

All works for sale on ArtAndOnly are being stored in secured warehouses around the world. Sellers pay for shipment to our warehouse and ArtAndOnly assumes the full storage cost and care.

+Is the work insured while it’s stored?

Yes. All works stored in our secured warehouses are insured through ArtAndOnly.

+Do I need to pack and crate the work myself?

No, ArtAndOnly will organize the pick-up of your work from your desired location. The cost of shipping remains at your expense. If you prefer, you may choose your own art handler and deliver the work to our warehouse. All work is thoroughly checked upon arrival.

+Who is responsible for shipment to the buyer?

ArtAndOnly and the buyer.

+What does “Make an Offer” mean to sellers?

The feature “Make an offer” allows interested buyers to offer a price for a specific work. You may choose to accept, counter, or simply decline any offer made on your work within 3 days. All offers on your work will be sent to you via email. As soon as you accept the offer, your work will show up as sold on the platform.

+Can I make a counter offer?

Definitely, and we encourage you to do so. The “Make an offer” feature allows a buyer to make an offer on your work but there is no obligation for you to accept it. To counter an offer, simply reply to the offer notification email as instructed.

+How do I see offers made on my work?

You’ll receive notifications about offers on your work via email.

+What does it cost me to sell a work?

The seller pays for shipping to our warehouse and a third-party condition report. In the event of a sale, ArtAndOnly charges a sales commission. Additional fees such as framing, restoration and/or photography may occur. We invite you to contact the ArtAndOnly team for more details.

+How do we decide the price of my work?

Our team of specialists conduct a thorough evaluation of your work, taking into account the current market and the demand for the artist. The results of our evaluation will be discussed with you personally in order to reach an agreeable price.

+When and how will I receive the money from my sale?

All payments are made via wire transfer within 3 to 5 working days after a sale is fully completed. The money will be transferred into the bank account indicated in your consignment agreement.

+What and who can sell on ArtAndOnly?

We specialize in contemporary art and are constantly looking for new work. Both Artists and Collectors can consign work for sale. We focus on quality not quantity and have a highly selective acceptance process.

+Do I have to be in Europe to sell a work?

No, and that’s the best part. Works can be consigned from anywhere! The location of both the seller and the work are irrelevant when consigning with ArtAndOnly.

+Where can I find the consignment agreement?

The ArtAndOnly consignment terms and conditions, plus a general draft of the agreement can be requested via email. The exact details of each contract vary depending on individually discussed agreements and other circumstances.

Shipping & Extra Services

+What are the shipping options?

Following your acquisition, you may decide to choose your own trusted art mover to schedule and organize shipment, or appoint us to organize everything for you (from collection to installation). ArtAndOnly offers a first class shipping services in partnership with internationally recognized art movers. Our logistics-team organizes packaging, shipping, handling, customs clearance and insurance coverage on your behalf.
If you select our full-service shipping upon check-out, we will contact you to discuss further details.

+Do I have to organize the shipping insurance?

Yes, you are responsible for covering the work during transit. If you choose our Full-Service Shipping-option, we will insure the work for you. Insurance coverage costs will be invoiced to you separately.

+Do you ship works worldwide?

Yes, we work in partnership with experienced art movers that can easily ship works worldwide.

+Who pays for the shipping?

All shipping and handling fees are at the expense of the seller or the buyer. If you choose to appoint us to support you in organizing shipment, we will do our best to provide you with the most competitive rates and our full assistance.

+When do I pay for shipping?

If you appoint us to organize the shipment of your work, we will require a full payment on our service invoice before handling.

+Do I need to take care of customs?

The appointed art handler will handle customs clearance for you.

+How long do I have to wait for my delivery?

It varies depending on the location of the work and your delivery address. The estimated time will be determined during the shipping and transport arrangement process and will be outlined in the shipping service estimate.

+Can I order a frame or pedestal for my acquired work?

Yes, we are more than happy to help you find the perfect frame or pedestal. Simply select the option for “framing” during the check-out process. We will contact you following your confirmation of purchase to discuss your exact needs.

+Can you advise me with the installation of my new work?

We are pleased to offer you our expertise and advice regarding installation. Please contact us at any time following your acquisition.

+Can you find me a storage unit?

Yes, we will be happy to assist you in finding the most secure and convenient storage unit for your newly acquired work.

+Can I add extra services after I’ve already checked-out?

Yes, if you forgot to select additional services during the check-out process, or needed to mention a special request regarding your shipment, please give us a call or send us an email at my [email protected] and we will be more than happy to address your needs.

We strive for your complete satisfaction!