China, 1963

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Ling Jian’s works expands on preconceived notions of beauty in the female form and explores concepts of Chinese identity. His portraits are often hyperreal, almost dream-like, with exaggerated features. Slightly kitsch, with bright, redded lips and slightly enlarge almond eyes, his subjects offer a sexually charged comment on society’s perception of beauty standards. His recent work series of sharks further emancipate on that carnal, erotic discourse he has previously addressed.

Born in Shandong, China, in 1963, Ling Jian graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Tsinghua University Art College, Beijing, in 1986. After moving to Europe in the late 1980’s, and living in Vienna and Hamburg, Ling focused his work on mass consumerism and the hypocritical stance of society on beauty ideals. He currently lives and works in Beijing, Berlin, and Hong Kong, and has exhibited in cities such as Seoul, Beijing, Mulheim, Hamburg amongst others.


Image: Ling Jian, Art Stage Singapore 2013, White Cube booth, photos by Iona Whittaker


Hero no.2

Hero no.2, 2010

Price: $ 7,900