SUI Jianguo

China, 1956

9 works available

Sui Jianguo’s art explores his unique understanding of creation through sculptures ingeniously combining concept and form. As an artist, Sui Jianguo specialises mainly in large-scale sculpture, with strong symbolic content and inspired by Chinese culture. His work reflects on the morality of the human nature, and is a powerful introspection of the artistic process in modern China.

Sui Jianguo holds a BA in the Fine Arts Department from the Shandong University of Arts, and an MA in the Sculpture Department from the China Central Academy of Fine arts, from which he graduated in 1989, where he currently is the head of the Sculpture Department. In recent years, Sui Jianguo has participated in a number of group and solo exhibitions, presenting his works in prestigious locations in cities such as Beijing, The Hague, New York, London, Singapore, Frankfurt, and Shanghai.




Price: $ 7,900

Made in China

Made in China,

Price: $ 110

Made in China: Green

Made in China: Green,

Price: $ 9,000

Made in China: Pink

Made in China: Pink,

Price: $ 9,000

Made in China: Black

Made in China: Black,

Price: $ 9,000

Made in China: White

Made in China: White,

Price: $ 9,000

Made in China: Yellow

Made in China: Yellow,

Price: $ 9,000

Made in China: Blue

Made in China: Blue,

Price: $ 9,000

Made in China: Orange

Made in China: Orange,

Price: $ 9,000