WANG Ningde

China, 1972

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Wang Ningde’s photographic work seeks to explore the main elements of photography, such as paper, light, material, and the image. Her photos often depict repetitive, dotted patterns, which almost hypnotize the watcher, while his striking black and white photography seeks to expose the complicated psyche of China’s fast-changing society.

A graduate from the Photography Department at the Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Wang Ningde is a former photojournalist who worked during China’s explosive economic and cultural transformation. The artist then started working on his ‘Some Days’ series from 1999 to 2009. Recently, Wang has started using video and installation as medium for his work. His work encapsulates the tension between the Chinese Cultural Revolution and the modern, fast-changing landscape of today’s commercialized China. His works have been exhibited in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Paris, London, and Tokyo, amongst many other.


Image: ©Wang Ningde



Somedays Series no.15

Somedays Series no.15,

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