Charlie Egalie Tjapaltjarri

Australia, 1940-2002

Budgerigar Dreaming, 1994

Acrylic on canvas
129 x 93 cm

The work is signed on the back


Geneva, Switzerland


Excellent condition

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An Interpretation of the Budgerigar Dreaming as given by the artist Malcom Jagamarra of Willowra Station (Warlpiri):

“Ngatjarri – Badgerigar Dreaming – the Budgerigar Ancestors emerged from Wirliyaijarayi.  Some travelled through Jilla Well. Others went to Tanami.  The circles represent dreaming and feeding places around Willowra.  The banks of the Lander River are lined with gum trees and provide a natural habitat for these birds.  The lines connecting the circles represent body designs and flight paths.  In the outer, broken lines we see the Lander River.  The spaces between the circles are land fillings and bird droppings.
The locals see in the budgerigar the symbol of the lovebird.  They are continually kissing.  Their iconography is the universal language of love.”

Jagamarra and Jupourulaare the kurdungurlu (performer) for this dreaming.  Kirda (owner/keeper) Jaltjarri and Jungarrayi.


Private collection, Geneva
Alice Springs, Northern Territory
Community Catalogue No TAG POO5292 – 003
Tribal Art Gallery, Melbourne

About the Artist

An artist specializing in the Aboriginal Art tradition, Charlie Egalie Tjapaltjarri creates visually reverberating canvases depicting Bushfire folklore and dreamscapes using the language of colour and graphic motifs rooted in a rich tribal heritage. A vocabulary of vibrant tones and ... see the artist page