Sherman Ong

Singapore, 1971

Dream, 2010

Archival digital print on fine art paper
Edition of 5 and 2 Artist proofs
59.6 x 46 cm



From the series “Spurious Landscapes”

‘Spurious Landscapes’ draw inspiration from this statement by John Berger:  “Landscapes can be deceptive. Sometimes a landscape seems to be less a setting for the life of its inhabitants than a curtain behind which their struggles, achievements and accidents take place.” The series straddle between randomness and planned, where the viewer is invariably drawn to question the ‘validity’ of the photograph as a document or a construction, whether the scene was ‘found’ or ‘intervened’. I would like to let the answer remain ambiguous and to open up possibilities for the real and the surreal to mingle in the works.


About the Artist

Filmmaker, photographer and visual artist based in Singapore, Sherman Ong develops a wide corpus on various themes linked by his photographic fragile and moving aesthetics. Human figures evolving in disrupted public places and overwhelmed by the changing nature of space ... see the artist page

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