Pascal Dombis

France, 1965

Meta-Aura (B3), 2016

Pigment print on cotton paper, mounted on alu-dibon, framed
100 x 100cm
Unique work


Paris, France


Excellent condition

A This work is priced between USD 5,000 and USD 50,000

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Meta-Aura is a series of algorithmic nieces in which I explore a simple rule: to stretch line from the four sides of a panel, as one would do with the string of a bow, getting various shapes from a parenthesis, then a half circle, up to a flat ellipse. Using an algorithmic loop, I perform this stretching operation excessively, couple millions times, with randomness in the process, leading to an endless proliferation of lines.

Out of the excessive enforcement of this autonomous and simple stretch rules, visual forms appear, images with a central halo creating visual sensations similar to an aura. These halo images are not intentionally programmed –. I do not consciously conceive them in advance. I stop the computation process just before the iconoclastic black out, when all the panel surface would be covered with black lines. These emergent forms have a micro-macro characteristic with a pictorial feeling that relates to an analog scribbling which tends to erase their own digital nature, and therefore echo to Walter Benjamin’s aura concept. They convey a vision of the world in terms of itineraries and displacement, offering another kind of mapping in which networks, connections and links come into play.


Artist's studio

About the Artist

Pascal Dombis is a French visual artist whose unpredictable and dynamic visual forms explore the complexities of visual paradoxes through the use of ‘excessive’ technological process. Over his more than twenty-year career, Dombis has been using computers and algorithms to ... see the artist page

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