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ArtAndOnly’s Best Places to Buy Art Online

ArtAndOnly’s Best Places to Buy Art Online

As the art market continues its shift online, more and more players are entering the space with digital platforms. There are certainly a lot of choices out there, but access, price range, quality curation and personal service vary wildly. Needless to say, all are not created equal. ArtAndOnly has taken a unique approach in the market and can explain the differences to help you find just the right work for your collection. Here is ArtAndOnly’s list of best places to buy art online.

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Christies’s and Sotheby’s






6. Christie’s/Sotheby’s: The traditional giants have been vocal about their reluctance to add a digital platform to their stalwart model. However, they both provide a large selection of classical pieces ranging from 17th Century Dutch masters to Dynastic Chinese ceramics and even wine! Online, they employ an auction-style model fitting those who bring lots of experience (and nerves of steel) to the buying process. If you’re looking for a wide variety of items from Hermes bags to rare and traditional antiquities in the commensurate price range, this is the place to go.


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5. Eyestorm: This online retailer has a nice focus on published edition prints and photographs by emerging artists. And lately, they’ve begun offering signed prints by much more established artists. If you’re a first time buyer and want to dip your toes into the water of collecting, think about starting with a signed print or a limited edition photograph. It might be your least expensive option to get a famous signature on your wall.

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4. Minted: In the last few years we’ve seen the online art market begin to service the needs of independent artists who want to sell original art and home décor directly to consumers. Using an up-voting system, users help new artists learn, gain exposure, and build their portfolios. The result is a site full of economical prints (often under $100) that have won the viewer’s choice, and can be shipped to your door already framed.

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3. Saatchiart: Continuing the theme of democratization, Saatchi takes the position that almost anyone can sign up to sell art on their site. Boasting over 370,000 paintings and prints available, you’ll surely find something you like. Plus, it’s a decorator’s dream by allowing you to search by color, theme, size – and can even show you a mockup of the work on a wall in relationship to a 6-foot couch.

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2. Auctionaftersale: A fantastic place to access unsold lots from auction houses all over the world. With an impressive amount and variety of items from furniture and jewelry, to vintage collectibles, contemporary paintings and even primitive artifacts, Auctionaftersale lets you safely acquire pieces already authenticated by auctioneers. It’s simple – You make an offer and they’ll forward it to the owner or dealer to help make the sale.

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1. ArtAndOnly: The best place to buy art online. The changing art market has not only shifted, it is going through an “uberisation” – or the idea that technology can give consumers an advantage by providing direct access to the market. ArtAndOnly takes this cutting-edge approach and becomes the best place to buy art online by targeting discerning collectors in the $5k-$500k price range who want highly-curated, carefully-selected contemporary works. ArtAndOnly gives you direct and transparent access to the market of extraordinary original and exclusive works by emerging and established artists from around the world. Combined with a full-service, personal experience throughout the entire process, ArtAndOnly leads the pack as the best all-around place to buy art online by effectively creating a gallery experience with a global reach.