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Interview with Cascione and Lusciov

Interview with Cascione and Lusciov

Tell us about your work. What made you want to create art?

At the moment, we are mainly working in the sculptural field but we are also interested in developing other modes of expression. From a technical point of view our approach to sculpture differs from conventional sculptural practice; from the modelling of wax to the chiselling of metal, everything we do is executed using the Italian High Jewellery technique, completely handcrafted by us. Everything we create is one of a kind. At the base of our work we deal with subjects related to science and technology. We approach the art world driven by the desire to free ourselves from the limits of design dynamics and not of the product, that is: functionality, ergonomics, costs and recognition of shapes.

What are some of your inspirations? Who would you say has influenced your practice?

We are inspired by the desire to create a new stylistic language that we would like to see applied to everything in the future: from cars to skyscrapers.
Furthermore, another great source of inspiration comes from our numerous trips to the Far East, places that really catapult you into the future.

The influence on our work comes from visionary characters freed from their own time, from the ‘anybody’ like Silvia’s father, who is passionate about science, physics and astrophysics, to visionaries such as: Luigi Colani, Albert Einstein, Lucio Fontana, Constantin Brancusi, Elon Musk, Zaha Hadid, Anish Kapoor, Ridley Scott, Stanley Kubrick.

Your titles are very interesting. Can you tell us a bit about the meaning behind these?

For us every title describes exactly the distinctive element that characterizes the single work, such as:

Light and Radiant – the light that hits the parabola of the base is being irradiated

Moving System – the protuberances represent sound waves moving in space

Supersonic Interceptor – the ellipsoids created by the parabolics of the tail are an interpretation of the Doppler effect created by supersonic flight

Abiogenesis – the ‘female’ curves of the perimeter of the artwork are inspired by the The Great Mother and represent the ability to generate organic life even from inorganic matter.

Cascione and Lusciov
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Your work often crosses the line between art and design. To what extent do the two worlds overlap?

For us there are no distinctions in the creative field if you are able to master various disciplines and merge them to create something different. The distinctions serve at the commercial level to frame the product and create a sense of order in the market.

You have expressed an interest in the relationships between space and time. Can you elaborate a little on this?

We are fascinated by space and time because they are two fundamental forces that bring order into our environment. They are therefore are of great importance to us as they help us to better understand our personal surroundings and environments and events that take place within them.

What are your thoughts on the current art market?

Contemporary art for us has yet to be fully discovered in the current market.
Ask us that question in a few years and we’ll probably have a different answer!

What is it about sculpture that appeals to you as artists? What are some of the challenges and limitations?

Sculpture allows us to give shape and matter to our thoughts. We see each of our sculptures as an extension of us as if it were a ‘child’; each of them has its own identity. Our personal challenge is to work on creating public art projects, the only limits of the sculpture being often very high costs of production.

What’s next for Cascione and Lusciov?

In spring 2018 we will have a solo show in Vilnius, Lithuania.
In anticipation of the exhibition we are developing new projects ranging from sculpture, installation, sound and visual experimentation to textile printing.
We are also working on a new series that connects the body and sculpture together.