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Introducing two exclusive works by Li Tianbing

Introducing two exclusive works by Li Tianbing

We are excited to present two exclusive paintings by artist Li Tianbing that continue his exploration of fiction and reality, past vs. present and the frontier between his own authenticity and invention.

With Self Portrait Underwater (title image), Li’s oil on canvas work perfectly captures his unique photographic style with smooth areas of slight blur and distortion, contrasted by other small areas of heavy texture. Often, Li works in greyscale with small areas of spot color, so we are proud to exclusively offer a rare work of his that incorporates full, vibrant color.

In Alone on the boat, we see another excellent example of Li’s style combined with his technical ability to render both the ethereal qualities of the setting against the clear and immediate presence of the central figure.


We are delighted to bring these exclusive works to the market and continue to showcase Li’s unique duality across identity, culture, and time.

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