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The term ‘modern sculpture’ has been used in reference to sculptures in the modern and contemporary art world that were created after Rodin (1840–1917), largely regarded as the father of modern sculpture. However, what exactly defines modern sculpture? While the issue has received much discourse amongst various scholars, what can be universally agreed is the undeniable fact that modern art, in itself, challenges the traditional moulds and ideals. Putting it into context, where sculpture is concerned, one is able to observe how such modern art movements have influenced the development of the art form. Made evident by the experimentations and developments of new techniques and approaches to sculpture, this saw the birth of various modern sculpture movements from Cubism to Minimalism, all of which defy and challenge the traditional and classical perspectives of art. That being said, underpinning sculpture is the material and medium used in its creation – which plays a crucial role and function in facilitating the artist’s artistic pursuit while articulating his principal message in the process.

Armen Agop | Untitled 107, 2010 | Black granite

Materials used in modern sculpture come from a diverse range, from common industrial materials such as steel and iron to those found in nature. Armen Agop’s unique choice of medium, that being largely granite, manages to transpose a sense of fluidity in spite of the rigidity of the material chosen. In turn, he challenges the notion that ‘art is passive’ due to the incitation of movement upon a touch. The interactive environment created between the artwork and the audience engages the latter and by doing so, Agop capitalises on the sense of synergy conceived and successfully establishes a two-way connection through an action and reaction cycle.

All of the artists’ choice of medium can be naturally categorised into the two elements, Earth (stone, wood) and Metal (bronze, steel, aluminium). The organic dialogue created then serves to engender tension and harmony between the differing practices, ultimately achieving a sense of balance.

“Sculptures have always been one of my favourite art forms. They are relics of today’s world that live with you, going beyond their former existence as simple stone or metal and taking on a new life. We are pleased to present a celebration of the most powerful works of sculpture today. ” – Frédéric de Senarclens, Founder of ArtAndOnly