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Two distinctive works of Philippe Pasqua

Two distinctive works of Philippe Pasqua

French artist Philippe Pasqua is known for his colossal, gestural portraits of marginalized individuals and a penchant for differences, handicaps, the obscene and the sacred. His compelling portrayals of marginalized subjects create a tension between what is accepted and celebrated, and what is socially repressed or concealed. In his expressive strokes and indistinct boundaries, the faces, bodies and persons cease to be material or matter, instead immortalized as an imprint, a memory, a vibration.

Philippe Pasqua – Vanité Bleu
Philippe Pasqua – Vanité Mauve

ArtAndOnly is pleased to exclusively present Vanité Bleu (200 x 100 cm) and Vanité Mauve (100 x 70 cm). Both part of his popular Vanité series, these mixed-media pieces are an excellent example of Pasqua’s visceral style and highly sought-after skull motifs.

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