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“These images are not ices capes; they are life escaping and looking for somewhere to live on” Julia Calfee

ArtAndOnly is pleased to exclusively offer Chinese landscape, spring rain by Julia Calfee. The stunning work is a 120 x 60 cm photograph printed on resin-coated, museum-quality archival paper.

Julia Calfee - Chinese Landscape
Julia Calfee – Chinese Landscape, Spring Rain

Calfee describes Chinese landscape, spring rain as the complete synthesis of her philosophy as an artist and explains there is no strict definition to the image. “It’s not about what it is, but what you see.”
She goes on to say; “For months I watched and photographed these ice formations which for me are portraits of this glacier. These portraits may contain human-like faces with eyes, ears, noses, lips and bodies or sometimes even unexpected animal shapes or unworldly landscapes. As you look at them they are also watching and speaking to you.”

Glaciers Requiem Book Cover
Glaciers Requiem Book Cover

Calfee dedicated months living underneath the Länta glacier, Switzerland, at 2,100 meters above sea level in rudimentary conditions to understand and preserve as an archive the images and sounds of the melting glaciers which she could touch as they disappeared before her eyes. Her new book A Glacier’s Requiem, published by Kehrer Verlag, is available July 1st.

“The final selection of images transcends the subject to portray, in an abstract manner, the elements of this constantly changing nature. To be seduced by the unexpected: this is irresistible, powerful, and overwhelming. It was totally outside of my realm of possibilities to imagine that I would ever make a series of photographs or a book about vanishing glaciers” Calfee said.

Julia Calfee Glaciers
Julia Calfee

To hear more about her visual and audio archive, be sure to watch this fantastic short documentary The Making of A Glacier’s Requiem.

We are delighted to bring this extraordinary work to the market and encourage you to check back here soon for an even more in-depth interview with the artist. Meanwhile, visit Julia Calfee’s artist page for more information and browse the other exclusive works we have available from her right now.


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Julia Calfee